One Thing I Attempt To do Every Day

Life moves fast and often with all of the success between the things that I do I often forget to be grateful.

With scoring a great job within design and getting the chance to attend a school for design ( no matter how expensive it may be) there are some that don’t get this chance.

Just think about it, I don’t want to make it sound like if you have a disability everything is wrong with you and you can’t get as much done if not more.

But things could be much harder.

Currently I’m in perfect physical health, and emotionally I don’t have much to complain about when I compare my life to some others. Now this may sound pretty corny but I created a list of things that I should constantly be grateful for ( I might miss some things).

Thankful for

  • Family & Friends ( Including my wonderful relationship)
  • Food & Shelter ( Not all of us have these things daily)
  • A great job ( I really do love my job.)
  • A chance to live during this time ( the tech industry is always advancing)
  • Where I live ( LA Cali — tons of things to do and chances to be taken).
  • The chance the impact so many ( Social Media Platforms)

Take the time to maybe list out what you’re thankful for and don’t be afraid to get real specific 👋.

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