Why am I blogging?

It’s not because I’m just bored.

Hey, my name is Micah Carroll and I’m from Los Angeles CA currently pursuing a higher career within Front End Design. Some of you may know me from my Instagram or from my Twitter. Long story short sometimes the messages I want to share on Instagram or Twitter I just don’t have the space on those platforms to get my full story across the board, so here I am now on medium. Well.. I guess I should explain some examples of the stuff I’d write about.

1. My Personal Life

Please get to know me :(

Do you really know who I am and what I do? I just recently came back from the Anime Expo and I’d love to share my experience with way more details than I did on Instagram, so I thought I’d just share everything I normally do on here and It would give me more spotlight with my photography of my everyday life !

2. Design and Art

I love art.

I just love looking at new art and honestly I pass so much of it, that I don’t know why I don’t share it with the world. It’ll also give me a chance to show and talk about the process of my own work !

If you happen to be an artist contact me to shout you out (Instagram)

3. Life Lessons

I read way to much Quora.

So.. I love to read Quora articles and they say the best way to learn something is to teach others. The deal between you and I would be I pretty much skim through hundreds of articles and give you the best notes in exchange you actually read my blogs, sounds good?

Thanks for reading my first blog.

I’ll have much more coming soon but in the meantime, feel free to ♥ this article !

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