How not to die of thirst at work

This dude might not be really at work, but at least he is thirsty ;)

My good friend Tony reminded me recently of a problem which happens especially to us — people spending just too much time sitting in front of the PC’s, Apple’s and other stuff with screens.

Little story first

Me sitting and trying to crunch this stubborn piece of code. Originally I thought it would take me around an hour to get over with it, but yeah — it did not go that smooth.

I was sure I will finish it just with the next line of code, just in a couple of minutes. I felt so close to the solution that I put my thirst on an ignore list for a while and promised myself I will get something to drink immediately I finish next line. And guess what, I started having a headache as hell. I was like, hey — what’s going on? Only then I realized I spent a couple of hours on this — lost deep in the abstraction of the code, locked in my mind and super thirsty.

The funny part? The water fountain was approximately 8 steps from me. The kitchen with tea and other beverages in a crushing distance of 12 steps.

It’s so simple

… except it’s not. If you know I am talking about here, just start listening to your body. Get that gulp of water, get a piece of a fruit and do not try to hold on with going to the restroom forever as I used to do.

Make these little breaks, set a timer for every hour to get your mind and body back to the real world. First moment it feels like you are cheating on your work, you think you will loose the point where you left off.

But it’s totally worth it. Just talk to your colleague over a cup of coffee or tea and you might be surprised how the solution just pops out of your head the second you return to your table.

Long story short — just don’t die of thirst at work. Not cool at all.

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Enjoy and see ya next time! ;)

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