Runner’s little helper

I just returned from a run. The run I did not even want to go for, I did not feel for and I almost did not do. And yet it gave me so much.

It is a really cold weather outside today, supported by a crazy winter wind. When I returned from work, my head was telling meHey, don’t go today, it is cold and windy and you are tired as hell. And there are all those viruses around. You will go for a run and you will get sick for sure!”. But I had this feeling I should go — at least for a short run. I can just return any time, right?

Cold, windy and beautiful

I put on all my clothes to protect myself from the snow and winter and started running. It did not go bad at all — so I knew my head was just trying to fool me again! I decided to go for 4 kilometers — it was a good distance in this kind of weather and I started to feel strong.

The awakening accident

Just when I turned to go back in a half of my run, I noticed that the ground, which was wet with the freshly melting snow, started to freeze up. I decided to go for smaller strides, but did not want to really slow down. So I ended up doing really short, but fast strides. And just a moment after I evaded one really slippery driveway, my leg slipped and I almost fell. Luckily, I was able to get my balance back, but this forced me to do even smaller steps — but I still kept my speed.

… and then I flew

And suddenly I felt like … flying. I was running with a small effort but with same speed as before. My legs almost felt like not doing anything, but I was still keeping my pace. These 2 kilometers finally proved to me, that running technique can always get better. I felt so strong and motivated I could go for another run right now! Just to test if I did not forget how I really did it. And I will go for sure for another run tomorrow. I am almost afraid I will not be able to run the same way again! But I have to remember this: Do small and quick strides, activate the core, land on front of the feet and just a couple of centimeters in front of the body.

To sum it up: run as you were running on an icy road!

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Have a good run!