Cred Adds Support for British Pound

Customers can now earn up to 8% annual return on GBP

Apr 18 · 2 min read
Now earn 8% on GBP through CredEarn

Take a glance at any UK savings account and chances are the rates are in . Or, if you’re seeing an eye-popping 5%, it is likely that there are extremely rigid terms and conditions, such as forcing you to make a deposit every month or high minimums. Often these accounts only last a year, and the savings account providers or big banks limit the amount you can save. High rates are generally used as advertising tools without much to support the claims.

This is especially alarming since a s. At , our mission is to improve the traditional financial services offerings by making use of blockchain technology and our lending and borrowing expertise. The results are better rates for everyone, whether you hold crypto, precious metals, or fiat currencies — including the !

We are thrilled to offer a rate which we believe will help customers not only save and earn returns but will help them thrive, not just survive. Uphold customers who hold at least 10,000 LBA will now be eligible to earn 8% on the GBP, along with the highest rates on many other fiat and cryptocurrencies like XRP, BTC, ETH, USD, Euro, and gold.

“We’re thrilled to leverage blockchain technology to provide holders of the British Pound and Universal Euro some of the highest rates available anywhere.” — Dan Schatt, President of Cred

With talks of the Brexit delay and , the inflation rate of the GBP has affected interest rates in a savings account in Britain. Financial products like CredEarn offer British citizens another option of GBP.

Key Features and Benefits

  • CredEarn provides a convenient way to save British Pounds purchased through Uphold
  • Buy British Pounds when exchange rates are favorable and have them available when you need them.
  • Competitive interest rates compared to average interest rates in the UK.
  • Interest is annualized and paid quarterly.
  • No minimum balance and no monthly fees. Your money works harder with CredEarn compared to big banks with no monthly administration fee.

Start Earning on GBP Now:

About Cred Cred is a decentralized global lending platform that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime. Founded by former PayPal financial technology veterans, Cred has secured over $300 million of lending capital with offices in San Francisco and Shanghai. Cred’s mission is to harness the power of blockchain to allow everyone to benefit from low-cost credit products. Cred brings together a diverse team of entrepreneurial leaders, machine learning, and the power of blockchain technology.

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