Thank You Letters

I suffer from GAD, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, anorexia and bulimia. When I was a young tween, I didn’t know what that was. Therefore, when I experienced symptoms, I was terrified. I couldn’t tell anyone, because that is just not how my family works, and I was so used to keeping family secrets behind closed doors that I didn’t tell my friends. Sadly, I soon became overcome, and needed to find a way out. That’s why I started cutting. I had suicidal thoughts since I was eight-nine, but they were getting worse, to the point of sitting in my bed at midnight holding the kitchen knife to my chest. But then I discovered music. It became my outlet, and I haven’t been suicidal since. I used it as my way to escape fear and depression, and poured everything into it. It was due to a few artists and one friend that I am alive and strong today. This is what I wrote on my Wattpad about my experience. It was thanks to these people that I am here, and I have finally found the courage to share this part of my life. My sincerest thanks to those people.

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