The Biggest Myth of all times.

What is the purpose of life?

A lot of people turn to the bible to answer this, others believe that self improvement is the key but more than 90% of the human race would just answer: TO BE HAPPY! Well this is just a myth and a lot of hype has been built on the need of people to be happy.

Two days holiday in Bahamas, four days shopping in Dubai, Make-up from Paris, Shoes from Italy, exotics cars, limited edition sunglasses, all in the bid to look happy. So why are most people still not happy? Why is happiness so elusive despite a heavy investment made toward finding it?

Happiness is a not a state of mind or a wish of glorious future or looking stunning beside an amazing guy or having an over-sized bank account. Happiness is the product of usefulness!

Only the useful truly achieve happiness. Usefulness to oneself and to the people around. A happy employee is the one bringing in results for the company, the company’s favorite, the one who demands and gets. A respected dad is a useful dad, the one bringing the bread, a great boss is a useful boss; not just a figure head. The creation of value makes a person happy because then you would be sought after and what more makes a person happier that being wanted? Who wants to spend time with Garbage?

Have you ever wondered why relationships fall apart? A lot of times we feel its one sided in other words the usefulness is one-sided. No one wants to be with a leech that sucks away everything good in their lives. This must sound cold and calculating but lets be honest to ourselves, why do people get attracted to each other? Most times we figure they can be useful to us in other words make us happy and when this expectation is not met, disappointment sets in and eventually, the relationship crashes. No one, absolutely no one really goes into any form of relationship, business or emotional without any expectation, even God expects us to be obedient, that is to be useful to him and to ourselves. So I do have a problem with unconditional love because it does not exist no matter how we would like to con ourselves to believe that it does.

How then can one measure usefulness? Usefulness comes in many forms. It could be being creative and founding a chain of companies, it could be designing new impossible products or it could simply be cooking a customized meal that your family can not buy elsewhere. Most times it is simply listening to others and trying to understand them. For a person like me, usefulness is intelligence and creativity.

Whatever you do try to establish what useful means in that setting and then align yourself along that path. Then happiness would come on its own volition not in chains of designer clothes and expensive holidays or cloaked under the hood of 2M Facebook likes and 5 million Instagram followers.

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