Well… a lot. Too many to list and complex to explain.
Jonathan Holborn

So, you’re going to support your “friends” if something bad happens to their rights. But, for now, you’re willing to wait and see if your “friends” (I’m assuming you’re referring to women, Latinos, African Americans, — anyone that Trump spewed hate toward) actually are negatively affected by his words and actions. I guess I have a different view of friendship. I would never wait until a friend attacked to support him/her. I would never put a friend a knowingly at risk for my own interests. Not to say that I have not unwittingly done so, just that I would never do that on purpose. You voted for a person who you know spewed hateful rhetoric and now you’re saying if something happens, then you’ll defend the people you care about. That, to me, is a truly morally bankrupt decision.