Can Innovation Ecosystems be virtualised?

In the 1980s with the arrival of virtual reality, we got a new name for in-person interactions, meat-space (in contrast to cyber-space). With the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe, businesses are switching to digital ways of working with panicked and renewed interest in how humans interact as virtualised beings. Is meat-space the one and only ‘meet’ space?

Large conferences and events are being cancelled or being converted to virtual webinars. …

There is an area of intersection between design, art and technology that has been consistently growing and spreading around the world. It cannot be easily labelled as a mere aesthetic or a short lived trend as yet, since it has survived, permeated and perhaps silently evolved in our midst.

How new is Generative art and algorithmic forms ?

“Generative Art” is often used to refer to computer generated artwork that is algorithmically determined. But generative art can also be made using systems of chemistry, biology, mechanics and robotics, smart materials, manual randomization, mathematics, data mapping and more.

Generative Art” is…

Practical scenarios where AR is extremely appropriate.

Visible knowledge layer

Until we get to a point of ubiquitous use of AR we will have instances when an AR application or device is used within a certain context for a select amount of time. Below are a set of ideas that is based on the idea that AR can bring a lot of invisible knowledge into a spatial dimension.

Library ( Scale : Architectural )

Libraries are extensively organised, and have sections organised around topics. However, when somebody is using the library to conduct research they might pick multiple books from different sections. What if we could see the connections between topics or books through an augmented…

Cybernetics, non-linearity, craft and a wrench.

Location in the Landscape

Lets locate design in relation to other historic disciplines. Design resides between engineering and art, within the spectrum of behaviour and utility.

MIT Media Lab, The journal of design and science

Cybernetics; A cyclic process

Design is a dynamic interdisciplinary and cybernetic practice of giving shape to materials and experiences in different scales towards articulated goals.

Cybernetics comes from the greek word Kyber which essentially means to steer. This term was then used to describe different regulatory systems in biology, computing paradigms. It is a cycle of sensing, deciding and acting upon a particular signal towards some goals.

illustrator: me

When did deciding not to have children become a radical environmental stance? Is it an informed reaction to the anthropocene, an honorable sounding excuse to cloak your personal fear of babies or just an irrational panic attack to climate change? That might as well be a rhetorical question with varying answers depending on their own traumatic childhood, far beyond the scope of any well intended survey. What is certain is that human life as we know it is going to get screwed if we don’t take a decision.

Augmented reality is essentially an experience that blends the virtual and real by superimposing digital objects on a real-time camera stream. This version of the technology looks for visual markers and then loads digital 3d or 2d objects in relation to it. The user can move around in space with their viewing device (mobile phone, tablet, hololens) and these virtual objects retain their relative positions, creating an illusion that they exist in the real space.

Unstable Augmentation; Stack Poster Series — Bharath Haridas

Unlike previous generations of AR technology Vuforia’s SDK allows the designer to place almost any type of image as a marker as long as it…

We perceive through a sensory shell and we interface with our immediate environment with an exoskeleton that is our body. Our senses working in combinations enable us to see and feel the changes that we produce. The act of affecting the environment and being conscious of it creates an instance of an interface.

Does it look like Ignorance and fear is getting easily transmitted through our communication networks more than ever before ?

Did we not see this future while setting up the internet ? A network that was meant to democratise knowledge and enlighten its participants.

The networked age has built impartial conduits that can transmit fear, hatred and ignorance as much as information and knowledge in accelerated rates. We are seeing clearer signs of this phenomena with disbelief since polarities have never bubbled up to the surface, crystallised and contested in equal platforms up until now.

Centralisation off ear, insecurity or…

We are seeing a tendency amongst people to look up to focused individualized powers, demagogues and leaders rather than distributed systems of leadership like democracy. There is a loss of hierarchy amongst social institutions, flattening them into platforms which become keyboards for ambitious leaders.

We will look at this phenomena through overlapping layers decreasing in its scale. We start at on top at a zoomed out scale working towards smaller scale and details. The primary lens for this analysis is an intersection of media, technology, sociology and psychology and will not be getting into economics.

Overall Atmosphere

Loss of trust

When criticism is only met with opposition and defence, what does one do ?

Have you been in a situation, where your friend or housemate is acting weirdly and you just couldn’t understand their behaviour? Even while addressing core issues there is just more of that same weird behaviour, passive aggressiveness, arguments and defence? When all rational attempts at understanding each other fails, we can either agree to disagree or look at psychology for answers. Where we understand odd behaviour only by looking into each others childhood traumas, complexes, fear, insecurities and aspirations.

In order to understand the situation that…

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