The Writing Center At Skidmore College

For young writers there is nothing to fear but the shame of being told by an college English professor that their paper is less than great. In high school, I often once my work was finished I combed through my papers for spelling errors and almost completely ignoring the grammar of it. I personally want to use my schools resources to the best of my ability , which means getting the hard criticism to produce the best work. The homework for my writing class was to interview a student employee from the writing center on “ How to use the writing center”, and I interviewed Mr.Kevin Wang. He is not only a writing center employee but my peer mentor in my Scribner Seminar. When I asked him about the writing center and how it should be used by freshmen , He explained that it was a place to clarify ideas and how it should be used as a way to test those ideas on other people. Not only that but if stuck on “ I do not have any idea on how to start” they help YOU brainstorm as well. He spoke briefly on how as a freshman , he struggled with creating rough drafts(something I could definitely relate to) and even being “ intimidated” by the older students. The log term affect? He is now better at organizing and finding ways to navigate his ideas, which gives me more than enough inspiration to try it too.

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