Why you shouldn’t unlock your phone with your face
Quincy Larson

If you go outside US and some other 1st world countries, you can find out that numeric (or any other passwords) aren’t that safe too. I’m pretty sure you will scream you super random numeric pin with a gun barrel looking in your face. You’ll write it on the wall with your own blood when you’re getting tortured for the whole night by the police officers or some criminals…

That “more secure” claim you’re talking about is an illusion. There’s no 100% secure passwords, pins, biometrics etc. But for 99% of the time, convenience beats everything else, if the system is just secure enough for the medium Joe. It’s a matter of balance.

Another important point — the first generations of different systems usually are simpler and imperfect. They reveal issues that are being later solved by engineers, leading to improvements, better security etc. Apple is the only mass-market company who never releases such technologies without perfecting them to a level competitors can’t do. And I’m pretty sure that after several iterations the system will become nearly impossible to trick. For example, it can scan blood vessels, determine heart rate etc — in this case, when a person is in a stressful situation, the FaceID will refuse to unlock. Also, it can be paired with additional features, like pressing power button for 5 times to force passcode prompt (already done), yelling some secret word that Siri will recognize and lock the phone even harder etc etc etc.

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