What Makes People Stand Out From The Rest?

People have their own way of living based on their life environment and experience. But their life can be similar to each other in a way that one person follows another person, and that makes them similar with one another. Also we has a human have a nature to be noticed, to be seen, and to have attention from other human. Have you ever felt like that?

It is the willing to stand out. These are the things that can make you stand out from the rest of the people — an opinion.

People who want to be good at things they do.

I want to be good at what I do in the 50% of my waking time. We are going to learn for the rest of our life.

My coach gave me this advice. If we want to be good at something for the rest of our life, we need to put some work on our effort. Talent and passion can be defeated by people who are serious in their effort and make their life meaningful.

People who prove themselves

They do not let what people say makes them discard what they believe for — what they stood for. People like this have a mindset that if they want to achieve their goal, they focus on achieving it and not letting other people be in their way. Instead of asking for people’s approval by waiting our likes on Instagram post, they focus on pursuing the concrete result that other people can see.

People who adapt

Human is amazing as a creature. Humanity can achieve what we done in a year than ten to twenty years in the past. The nature of human is to keep evolving to keep surviving. Those who can adapt these evolution are the one who can survive natural selection — do not work harder, work smarter.

What I see why those things make people stand out, and why they want to stand out, is the way we want to make our life have meaningful. Again, those are just my opinion. I can not speak for myself that I have all met those criteria. If I have to mention the greatest power to achieve them all, that would be for us to believe in ourself.