A Battle of Brains-The Brain O’ Bee

By Yash Bhatia, Senior Reporter at the Light House

A battle of brains for the students with a penchant for neuroscience and biology. Brain O’ Bee is the largest inter school competition hosted by the Manipal University, Dubai for budding neuroscientists.

The regional round was held at the Manipal University on the 1st of May 2017.Over 200 students from all over the country had participated in this prestigious competition battling through cliffhanging rounds and facing stiff competition.

The competition consisted of a preliminary round of multiple choice questions of which 8 finalists were chosen for the national round. Two students, Kartik Goyal from 12 SC D and Abhinav Aravindan from 11SC D were among the 8 finalists from IHS selected for the finals on stage!

The national round comprising of three cycles, each consisting of 5 questions kept the enthusiastic finalists in great action and required them to prove their skills.

Kartik Goyal from Grade 12 bagged the first prize and was announced the national Brain O’ Bee champion while Abhinav from Grade 11 bagged the 6th position!

Kartik has in turn gotten the golden opportunity to represent U.A.E at the International Brain Bee competition, the world’s largest neuroscience quiz for teenagers to be held at Washington!

Kartik said,“It is only your determination and passion that can help you achieve great heights in life and only these drive you to break boundaries and excel in life.There is nothing to lose, just go for it. ”

Abhinav from Grade 11 who had participated in the competition for the first time, said,“I was delighted, as well as, surprised as my name was announced in the top 8 list.The competition was tough but I cleared the first cycle with ease, but was disheartened when I was eliminated in the second cycle.Even though I got eliminated,I am glad that my friend Kartik made it and I wish him the best of luck for the upcoming international competition.”

A hearty congratulations to all the winners ,as well as, the participants and we wish Kartik the best of luck at the International Brain Bee competition.

About the Reporter:

Yash Bhatia is a senior reporter at the Light House. He dreams of revolutionizing the health industry. A passionate writer, foodie and gamer. Read more about him here.