By Khushboo Moorjani and Deesha Prasad, Senior Reporters at Light House

Right from the time a child starts his/her academics, the dilemma of choosing the board of education becomes a matter of prime concern for the parents. A lot of parents finally decide on choosing CBSE because of its various benefits. Some of these involve the fact that CBSE is one of the most preferred boards of education in India and is a board which maintains uniformity and follows a compact structure.

Eventually, we are required to write two of the most important and consequential exams in our school career. Our board exams for grade 10 and grade 12. These exams give us a clear indication as to where we stand as compared to students all across the world who have chosen CBSE. While class 12th boards are important in terms of career and higher education, class 10th boards give you a little taste of what to expect from board exams and the hype surrounding it.

Exam season has never been easy, with all the stress and sleepless nights, students become anxious, waiting for the result of their hard work. Mixed emotions swept all over the student body and the staff as the awaited day came closer. After in numerous controversies, the CBSE grade 12 result was finally out on 28th May 2017! Amidst all the hustle and vigorous prayers, what was forgotten was that these results are just numbers which with due course of time will be left behind somewhere in the memory lane.

As the board exams for grade 12 ended on 30th April 2017 the students were not able to take any sigh of relief with the moderation policy being striked out because of various reasons that the CBSE sort, not only that but the other boards were also being encouraged to do the same and then came floods of petitions going against the baseless and unexpected policy changes. The Delhi high court ruling challenged the CBSE to retain the moderation policy for the bygone academic year.

The very next day after the results, the corridors were loaded with alumni greeting their teachers and friends to share the news that had brought joy to almost all with 32.2 percent of students scoring a mark of 90% and above this year. Meghna Savit, a science student shattered all IHS records and scored a whooping 492/500 (98.4%) managed to secure the stand of UAE topper, with another fellow batch mate named Hari Prasad Chandra Sekaran who fell short of just two marks and hence secured a good 98%. Khadeeja Nasrin, a commerce student scored a staggering 483/500 (96.6%), along with her colleague Vishnu Suresh who scored a total of 471/500 (94.2%).

With the pleasing results parents, teachers and students were finally at ease and had nothing to worry about. The weight that the students had to carry for about more than a month was taken off, and they moved on to the next step that is college research and application. As they say, indeed, the tassel is worth the hassle!

About the Reporters:

Khushboo Moorjani is a Senior Reporter at the Light House. She uses the power of words to convey her messages. Read more about her here.

Deesha Prasad is a Senior Reporter at the Light House.

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