Girls’ Interclass Chess Championship starts with Goals and Skills

By Sreenidhi Vijayaraghavan, Junior Reporter for the Light House
“Life is a kind of chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events” — Benjamin Franklin

Chess- a board game for two players who move their 16 chess pieces according to specific rules; the objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king.

Though chess may have been a leisurely game played between lords and ladies it has now transformed into a cut-throat competitive sport, being played by everyone, everywhere. And where could the next location have been? It goes without saying that it’s at IHS.

Nearly 70 students were pitted against each other and competed to bring glory to their class’ name in the recent interclass chess championship that was held for grade 9&10 girls. Each class brought a team of their best chess players and it was needless to say, the 30 minutes they played for in their recess time was all that was needed to invoke an incredible amount of presence of mind and awareness.

The classes of 9A, 9E, 9F and 9L of grade 9 are currently the forerunners in the tournament. Although the tension was palpable in 10A’s classroom — where the competition was held — the chess masters of grade 9&10 lived up to their names by emerging victorious.

Students put their minds and skills to task, planning their next move in the 2nd round of the tournament.

A participant of the interclass chess tournament, Sneha Cathy Sebastian described the competition as ‘An amazing experience’; she enjoyed playing against those of the same age group because she felt that it helps in getting acquainted with other chess fanatics and in understanding the other class’ skills and standards, a marker for her own position among them. Sneha has been an avid chess player for 6 years and this helped her class garner a total of 35 points in the first round, leading them to the next round.

Mrs. Deepika said, “The competition serves as an encouragement for the students with an interest in the field of chess, this also helps them learn to cope with pressure, preparing them for the future competitions that they’re sure to participate in.”

IHS Dubai boasts a robust chess program, providing classes during the weekends, participating in various chess clusters, as well as having its very own school chess team.

The ever active sports teacher for grade 9&10 girls, Mrs. Deepika served as the judge of the tournament, with the Supervisor for grade 9&10 girls, Mrs. Swarna Chandrashekar, overseeing the competition.

Chess has a proud history at IHS Dubai, with students garnering accolades every year. This is thus a great example of IHS’ focus on kinesthetic learning — using hands-on experiences to build lifelong learning skills in students — and it was exactly these skills that proved to be handy during the championship.

From the preparation to all the strategies involved, it’s evident that these bright, young minds will be the next competitors in worldwide tournaments.

May the best class win!


About the Reporter:
Sreenidhi Vijayaraghavan is a Junior Reporter for the Light House, currently studying in The Indian High School, Dubai. She enjoys time spent with a good book, playing the violin, and singing.