Counselor on Mindset

By Umashree Seenivasagam, Designer for the Light House

The new students of grade 11 have entered a new phase in their schooling lives, their minds filled with both excitement and apprehension at what lay ahead. What they face is a completely new pattern of learning along with new classmates.

The counselling session was conducted by Mrs. Tabassum Faisal, counselor for girls of grades 11 and 12 on May 9th at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, with the intention of helping the students to get to know their current mindsets, and how to improve it.

The presentation was titled ‘Know Your Mindset’ and it highlighted the importance of the student’s new phase of life.

As the students looked with curiosity at the title, the counsellor questioned them on all they knew about what was displayed before them.

Mrs. Tabassum took the students through an introductory segment where she took the girls through the basics of mindsets and their importance in their current lives. The doubts that filled the girls’ minds were slowly cleared as she continued with the presentation.

The counsellor showed them the difference between growth and a fixed mindset. She proceeded to explain techniques to bring about changes in their mindsets. It included goals, responses, efforts and strategies to be made.

Our mindset isn’t a stone that cannot be changed but river that keeps changing and adapting to its environment and to reality.

Mrs. Tabassum concluded by saying, ”Growth in mindset helps people to be motivated and successful in life. People with a growing mindset attain higher levels of happiness and satisfaction in life. Fixed mindsets are not encouraged since it leads to depression and lower self-esteem. They focus on great performance rather than on learning progress.”

The students left the auditorium with a renewed vigour, knowing that they would work on a mindset focused on growth. The session had achieved its purpose!

About the Reporter:
Umashree Seenivasagam is a Designer for the Light House. When not designing for the Light House, she’s engrossed in either painting, or watching movies!