Deepa Malik — The Iron Lady Who Did Not Let Her Light Leave Her Life

Aakash Pinto, Senior Reporter at the Light House

Padma Shri Deepa Malik visited the Indian high school on the 26th of April for the opening ceremony of the Dubai Model United Nation’s conference and gave a breathtaking speech of her life story to the DXBMUN ’17 delegates and students of the 11 & 12 grades.

Deepa Malik is no ordinary person. She is a mother of two and is the wife of an Army officer. She is paralyzed from the waist down, but this has not stopped her from turning adversities into opportunities and success. Her life took a wicked twist 17 years ago when she was diagnosed with a spinal tumor which made walking impossible. Despite three spinal tumor surgeries and 183 stitches between her shoulder blades, she came out a winner and has never looked back. She is very active in sports. She is associated with the Himalayan Motorsports Association (H.M.A.) and Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (F.M.S.C.I.). She also recently won a silver medal for shot put at the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

She has won numerous accolades for her participation in various sports. Whether it is swimming against the strong Yamuna current, or riding a special bike or even taking a shot at the Paralympics, she has done it all. She is an inspiration for us all. She has taught us that if you work hard and have passion, you can achieve the impossible, despite any shortcomings be it physical or emotional.

About the Author:

Aakash Pinto is a Senior Reporter at the Light House. When Aakash is not listening to rock music, he is penning his thoughts on paper. Read more about him here.

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