English Creative Writing Competition

By Merlyn Teresa Vieira, Junior Reporter for the Light House
“If a story is in you it has got to come out “ -William Faulkner

And what better way for the children to let their stories come out than a creative writing competition. The Creative Writing Competition for Grade 4 in Junior School was held on 19th June, 2016 to provide children with an opportunity to be creative and express their ideas and thoughts in an innovative way.

In the competition, the children had to complete a story based on the prompt of an evil scientist. Now, isn’t that interesting? All the children of Grade 4 boys and girls participated. The event took place in their respective classes. The best 5 from each class were selected which was then evaluated by the Subject — Heads of Department.

The 3 best stories from each section were then displayed on the Creative Writing Board. Merlyn V from 4J and Fiona R from 4D, bagged the First Place, while Sania K from 4B and Nethra M. from 4A, bagged the Second and the Third Place respectively. Mrs. Angelica of the English Teaching Faculty commented, “This event is a fun way for children to showcase their creative writing talent.”

The students were thankful to the school for providing the rich learning ground where children can grow, express and share their views with others.

About the Reporter:
Merlyn Teresa Vieira is a Junior Reporter for the Light House.