“Enlightening Session on Expo 2020”

By Reyha Rao, Junior Reporter for the Light House

On the 3rd of November 2016, the students of Grades 7, 8 and 9 attended a briefing regarding the Expo 2020. They were made aware of what an Expo is, some of the famous and most productive Expos of the past, all leading up to the main topic which was “Expo 2020, Dubai.” The students were enlightened on the topic by two members of the UAE Expo 2020 Committee through an interactive session with videos and constant exchange of opinion. The students were educated on the main theme of the Expo which is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future and its three subthemes-Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability andwere shown pictures to help them comprehend the basic architectural structure of the huge exhibition. This will be the first time a Middle Eastern country has been chosen to host a world expo and the whole world will be looking forward to it with great anticipation and expectations. The venue chosen for the Expo is Jebel Ali, making it an ideal spot for visitors, participants and judges coming from Dubai and Abu Dhabi [airports]. The Expo will take place between October 2020 and April 2021 and will be the first time an expo will take place between two years, during this period the UAE will also be celebrating its 50th Anniversary. The venue will be expecting over 180 participating countries and about 25 million visitors to the site. Along with these major steps, the UAE government has also taken a few steps to involve the country’s youth in the Expo, so that they can carry on its legacy, by organizing Road Shows, Youth Connect Workshops, Apprenticeships and Volunteering Programs. The UAE has all its hopes up to impress its residents and the world through this Expo and to make sure that it is best till date

About the Reporter:
Reyha Rao is a junior reporter at the Light House.
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