Fun Trip to Wild Wadi

Students get a long awaited chance to rejuvenate through a field trip to Wild Wadi organized by the school

By Shruthi Ramadurai, Junior Reporter at the Light House

Due to the regular practice in IIS of having a field trip in the beginning of the year, this year was given no exception. When given an option between Wild Wadi and Motiongate the students opted for Wild Wadi waterpark in Jumeirah, Dubai. Members of grade 9 and 10 were the only students from the school to get this chance. So, on Thursday the 20th of April total of approximately 50 students went for the field trip while the rest had a day off.

The excited kids with 5 teachers departed from school right after the prayer. On reaching wild wadi the students were given instructions and then allowed to go their ways and enjoy their time at the waterpark. The students had an eventful day as they got to spend time with their friends in the outdoors and felt thoroughly rejuvenated as they were away from stressful environment of school and studies. The teachers too seemed somewhat relaxed as they got a break from their hectic schedules. Then by about 3 o‘clock the students and staff exited the waterpark and rode back to school. They reached at about 4 o’clock only to board the afterschool buses that would take them all home.

“The field trip was fun. It had thrilling and exciting rides which made us scream at the top of our voice but we really enjoyed and yes we are very exhausted.” said one of the members of the trip. “We are very happy and pleased because right in the beginning of the year we get a field trip which helps relieve our stress. Wild Wadi had a lot of interesting rides, a few intense thrills and a few thrilling while a few were kid’s rides.” said another student.

About the Reporter:

Shruthi Ramadurai is a Junior Reporter at the Light house.

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