IHS ATHLETICS MEET 2017 — Grades 9 & 10

By Vivek Philendra Tachilath, Junior Reporter at the Light House

The long awaited Athletics Meet for 9&10 section was on May 9 at the prominent Dubai Police Stadium. After discerning selection procedures for boys and girls which lasted about a week by the school’s sports department the day had finally came where these athletes could display their athletic prowess.

The athletes had arrived wearing their house-wise jerseys on a rather sunny day with much enthusiasm and discipline along with sports teachers. Many were experienced athletes but there were also quite a few amateur first-timers. All of the athletes eagerly gathered and waited for their specific event.

When she was asked how she felt about her chances at today’s event meet star athlete Nida Najeeb modestly said “I don’t believe in luck, I believe in hard work. All of us have been in tremendous workout and training throughout the year, and today is the day of action. The schools training program for athletes have altered our techniques and have molded us to the athletes we are today. I have no predictions, may the best athlete win.” In this meet she has won five medals displaying one of the best form in this event.

The most heated competence was between Nida Najeeb and Maria Paul for the 100m race but towards at the end after a tough match Nida wins the race leaving behind Evelyn and Hiba. The winners of the 400m and 1500m races were Maria Paul and Fatima respectively. Nida Najeeb also wins the long jump event proving to be one of the best athletes in the school. Another honorable mention was newcomer Risha Sequeira who bagged third position in the 1500m race.

The relay races are the races where the athletes can show their co-ordination and team work. In this event trust of your fellow team mates and timing is highly crucial to win these matches. In the girls first prize was won by Topaz house, second and third prize by Ruby and Sapphire house respectively. Whereas in the boys section the relay race was rather dominant by the ruby house. Star athlete Shams Shaikh, being the last runner in relay race for Ruby won the racing leaving all the athletes behind by quite some distance. He also displayed one of the best forms in in this meet.

The Javelin throw results of boys were not very surprising, the gold was won by star athlete Joshua D’Souza of the Emerald house. Experienced athlete Ahmed Tahir was in a bad form this season which led to an unfortunate injury during his jump. 100m was won by the champion athlete Shubham Rath. An honorable mention is Anlin who was one of the few ninth graders who had performed extremely well in this event. The most surprising event was shot put where first timer Rohit Menon secured gold breaking the record of champion Alvin Uday.

“This was my first time participating in an Athletics Meet and I certainly had never expected this victory. I am really happy and sir has told me to join the other athletics team members for morning coaching from next week. I can’t explain my feeling right, now this is just one of the best days of my life. I’m grateful to sir for seeing my potential and bringing me here, I thank all of you guys who supported me and I thank god for everything.” Said Rohit Menon after his spectacular performance and unexpected victory.

So I would like to congratulate all the winners and participants of this event. Don’t fret if you couldn’t win there is always a next time and who knows, with your hard work and dedication you could be the one proudly wearing the gold medal next year.

About the Reporter:

Vivek Philendra Thachilath is a junior reporter at the Light House. He is fascinated by the journeys that books take you on and expresses his views openly. Read more about him here.