By Ifda Taj and Hemang Dash, Senior Reporters at the Light House

21 energetic and enthusiastic students of the Indian High School participated ebulliently at the Dubai II round of the World Scholar’s Cup, held at Delhi Private School, Dubai. The contest consisted of four events: Team Debate, Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborative Writing and Scholar’s Challenge. The students had to research on six extensive subjects for the competition, which included but were not limited to moonshots, mythologies in the modern era and the action of predicting the future.

The contest kicked off with collaborative writing, where the teams were asked to choose three topics, one for each member; out of the six provided topics. They were to take a stand on the topic and write an argumentative piece justifying their stand. Sharath Nambiar, a student of 11 Science E and a member of team 544 quoted, “The topics were intriguing indeed. I had to justify why the first person on Mars should be a woman. This truly was a great experience.”

Soon after, the scholars had to take up the highly ‘challenging’ Scholar’s Challenge. This event can be related to an objective-type test, but of the given choices, one was allowed to choose more than one choice if he/she felt confused. The challenge was based on the six subjects. The teams found this task very stimulating, as they had to think out of the box to choose least number of options per question so as to score more points.

Later in the day came the highly anticipated and awaited team debates. This event witnessed three rounds of fire from two sides, one standing for the motion and the other against. Three teams from IHS won all their three rounds of debate, and the others won two out of the three. The students performed to the best of their capabilities, and argued for their side with relevant examples and rebuttals.

Day two was no less exciting than the first. Joining the scholars on the second day was Daniel Berdichevsky, the founder of WSC, also popularly known as the ‘alpaca-in-chief’. The crew started the day off with vibrancy through an informal session of sharing stories and experiences followed by a thrilling alpaca balance challenge.

Shortly afterwards began the real challenge- the scholars bowl. It was a team segment that comprised of a seemingly simple yet riveting multiple choice quiz relating to each of the selected subject. Each team was provided with a clicker and had to race against time to discuss and select the answer they deemed was right. With each question worth greater points than the previous, it was a challenge that kept the scholars at the edge of their seats. This was also the day each participant received their most awaited award- the stuffed alpaca.

Alpaca distribution at DPS Dubai

Before the results however, the debate showcase was held wherein eight selected debaters went up on stage, for and against the motion for a final debate. Representing IHS at the enthralling event was Umang Pandey, of 11 Science E, who commented, “It was a pleasant surprise to be selected for the debate showcase knowing how talented and knowledgeable each debater was.” Following that was the talent and knowledge showcase wherein students were provided a platform to flaunt and exhibit any kind of talent they had.

Students of IHS at the World Scholars Cup Dubai II Round

The most anticipated part of the two day competition was indeed not disappointing for the students of IHS. Bagging more than sixty medals and a total of five trophies, all the senior teams from IHS qualified for the global rounds taking place later this year. Qualifying further in the global rounds will take the scholars to The Yale University, USA for the Tournament of Champions, the final stage of the WSC competition. ‘Pwa’ll the best Scholars!

About the Reporters:

Ifda Taj is a Senior Reporter at the Light House. When she is not writing, she prefers immersing herself in a good book. Read more about her here.

Hemang Dash is a Senior Reporter at the Light House. He loves to read, write and debate. Read more about him here.

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