IIS Celebrates 45th National Day!

By Sara Rida, Member of the Editorial Board at the Light House

The students and staff of The Indian International School celebrated the 45th National Day of the United Arab Emirates on the 29th of November. An assembly was put up by the Arabic department along with students of Grades 5–9 to highlight the culture and achievements of the UAE in the light of this auspicious occasion. The assembly started off with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an followed by the UAE National Anthem. After this, a heritage dance was presented by the girls of Grades 6–8, which was indeed exhilarating, and was subsequently followed by a few quotes said by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Next, we were enlightened by the students of grade 9, who led us through a journey of the progress made by UAE throughout the past and present in the fields of Medicine, Transportation, Roads, Infrastructure & Housing, Education and Profession. Succeeding that was the Yowla Dance by the boys, which led to foot tapping and a loud applause from the audience. After which there was a narration of few words of wisdom said by His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (May Allah have mercy on him). Finally, there was a cultural dance by the girls of Grade 5 that enthralled the crowd. Overall the performances and efforts of the students and staff involved were amazingly showcased and an aura of patriotism reflected in every one of them.

About the Reporter:
Sara Rida is a grade 8 student and a member of the Editorial Board at the Light House.
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