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Students from Grades 6 to 9 were given the opportunity to display their skills in the performing arts through the Annual Talents Day

By Reyha Rao, Junior Reporter at the Light House

The long awaited, annual Talents Day was held on 4th May 2017. The auditorium was packed with encouraging teachers and enthusiastic peers.

The show was hosted by Rahul and Amrutha and was graced by the presence of the performing arts teachers of the Indian High School Dubai.

The Talents Show Program aims to identify and nurture the hidden singing and dancing capabilities of the students. It is designed to allow all students to exhibit their special interests in dancing, singing or instrumental skills.

In the singing category, the students were given the opportunity to perform any song of their choice, in any language. The students delivered their messages straight from their hearts, which received wide appreciation from the audience.

Among the musical instruments category, one remarkable performance was by a student of class 9 who not only fascinated the audience but also received a standing ovation. He used his skill of playing the dholak and combined it with the latest, trending music.

Within the dance category, students showcased their skills through amazing synchronization, unique moves and spectacular choreography.

The event was a fascinating blend of various forms of dance, from Bharatnatyam to hip hop, each performance left the audience with their mouths wide open. The participants in groups and solo came up with mind-blowing performances. There were different forms of dance; songs in different languages helped bring out different themes.

At the end of the day, the talents day program was fun and refreshing program proving that school life isn’t just about bookworms and studies, there’s more to you than you think and its up to you to reveal it.

About the Reporter:

Reyha Rao is a junior reporter at the Light House.

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