Innovation Fun Run…

By Sharravesh, Environment Club Member


I went to the DSO head quarters to manage our stall on the innovation fun run located in the Silicon Bazaar. First I had come to the venue then I had met two of my friends Atul and Janav each of us had started to set up the stall we had 4 tables and 2 projects (bigp) we decided to put both the projects on the ends, meanwhile our friend Shrinaveeth had come we were planning to ask 3 questions to the customers, easy medium and hard, if they answer all q 3 questions correctly they would spin the wheel and win the prizes but there is a twist if you land at even numbers then only you can win the prize if you land at an odd numbers you cannot win the prize . My friend Srinaveeth had brought the spin wheel ,my friend Atul bought pens , my friend Janav had bought watches ,magnifying glass, colour sets etc. And I bought erazers . There were 2 tables left ,on one table we kept the spin wheel and on the other we kept all the prizes.Just after 10 min there was a rush at our stall me and atul had explained the projects while Janav and Srinaveeth were distributing the prizes. We all worked in shifts .it was a lot of fun all the parents said good job!! and what was more suprising was that we had more number of people on our stall defeating other high tech stalls. It was great fun, asking questions to people and distributing prizes to people who won the race. There was a surprise –The lucky draw. We all were so amazed to see an eco friendly car which was really awesome.

Thanks IIS for giving us this opportunity

About the Reporter:
Sharravesh is a grade 6 student and an Environment Club Member at the International Indian School, Dubai Silicon Oasis
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