Inter School Public Speaking Competition

By Rachel Biju, Member of the Editorial Board, and Dhvani Khakar, Senior Reporter for the Light House
Our star speakers!

The Emirates Environmental Group held the 16th interschool public speaking competition on April 25th-26th in Dubai Knowledge Village. It served as a forum for the expression of thoughts and ideas of the youth which helped engage their interest towards the environment. It also helped the speakers become effective communicators.

The competition for the Senior category was held on the 26th of April, Tuesday.

The Indian High School was an enthusiastic participant, the topic chosen being — ‘Sustainable Development Goals: A New Course for Humanity!’

Our school was represented by a team of five, Dhvani Khakhar of 11 Sc-C, Rebecca of 11 Sc-C, Linda of 11 Sc-B, Nanditha of 11Sc-A and Rachel Mariam Biju of 12 Sc-B guided by Mrs Smita Zuting.

As the day of the competition loomed ahead, hurried preparations were made. The presentation and speech were perfected to go hand-in-hand. The presenters memorised their parts and the presentation in-charge ensured that all went smoothly.

At last, it was D-day. IHS was fourth in line. The team members quaked in their boots as they waited backstage. However, as they walked up on stage, each of them spoke from their heart, not displaying a tinge of nervousness. Doesn’t that remind you of the legendary speaker Winston Churchill?

“It was a good experience. It was not just fun to prepare, but I got to know a lot more about the SDG’s and the importance they have in our daily life”, Linda commented.

Nanditha gave a different view of the event altogether when she said, “ It gave me an opportunity to observe other speakers and see all the techniques that were used by them to woo the judges to their favour. It will certainly prove useful for other competitions of the same calibre.”

Our school didn’t walk away with a gleaming trophy that day, but it did provide an invaluable experience and a wonderful platform to expose the many talents within the school. Moreover even though IHS was not among the winning schools, they came up to a close fifth out of nearly 30 schools.

About the Reporters:
Rachel Mariam Biju is a Member of the Editorial Board for the Light House. In her free time, she dabbles in singing, drawing, and reading.
Dhvani Khakar is a Senior Reporter for the Light House, currently studying in The Indian High School, Dubai. She’s an ardent writer, and feels the smallest of things can be spun into a story!
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