Leaders of Tomorrow

IIS welcomes the new board of Student Council Members all set to take on their responsibilities for the academic year 2017–2018

By Afrah Ali, Junior Reporter at Light House

The investiture ceremony is a prestigious event that is held every year to honor the members of the newly elected student council with their responsibilities. The investiture ceremony for the year 2017–12018 was held on 30 May 2017, in the main auditorium of the Indian International School, DSO. The auditorium was crowded with proud parents, supportive educators and excited students.

The event was inaugurated with the organized and orderly entry of the smart and self-disciplined student council members, which was followed by the prestigious school song. Succeeding this, the long anticipated overall scores obtained by the houses in the inter-house competition of the previous year was displayed, proclaiming the 1st place holder, Sapphire house and runner up, Ruby house. Trophies were distributed to the previous year’s house captains and house mistresses by the principal of IIS, Ms. Geetha Murali.

Subsequently, the house mistresses, dressed in their respective house hues, of the academic year 2017–2018 greeted the awaiting crowd with grace and warm smiles. As the proud smiles on the parents’ faces widened, it was evident that the time of the distribution of the badges had arrived. Ms. Geetha Murali presented the Head boy and Vice Head girl of the secondary section and the Head girl and the Vice Head boy of the primary section with their esteemed badges and ties. Dr. Parthasarathi Pal, Asst. Sports Coordinator handed the discipline coordinators and sports coordinators of both the primary and secondary sections their respective badges. Mr. Sandeep Vashisht entrusted the Environmental Coordinator, Activity Coordinator and E-xpression Coordinator with the possession of their well-deserved badges. The house captains and vice captains of Emerald house and Ruby house received badges of their respective vibrant house colours from the supervisor of grades 6–9, Ms. Shiny Kevin. Lastly, the dazzling blue and vivid yellow badges were bestowed upon the House captains and Vice House captains by the supervisor of grades 3–5, Mr. Daniel Alexander Dawes.

Posterior to the long-awaited handing out of the badges, came the oath of integrity, loyalty, fairness, responsibility and discipline taken by the student council members, distribution of the house and house flags handed out to the ties to the house captains and vice captains. The ceremony was concluded with a motivating speech by the principal, followed by inspiring and applause-worthy speeches given by the Head boy and Head girl.

In conclusion, it can be said that the student council of 2017–2018 is definitely a group of responsible, amiable and integrous students. We wish you all the best and make us proud!

About the Reporter:

Afrah Ali is a Junior Reporter at the Light House.

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