By Eva John, Junior Reporter for the Light House

The first word uttered by a child. This ‘sound’ remains unchanged when translated to any other language — Ma, Mama, Amma, Mammy, Ummi, Ummachi, Matre, Mai, Maire ….Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam — the meaning of this adage simply states the greatest truth and the order of reverence.

The grade 9 and 10 section commemorated Mothers’ Day by conducting a thematic assembly.

Poems were recited in Hindi, French, Arabic and English by Ananya Chaturvedi, Anushka Santosh Nair, Maliha Siddiqui and Keren James, all students from grades 9 and 10, praising the virtues possessed by a woman as a mother.

The students were happy to finally have a thematic assembly after a long time which proved to be both inspiring and encouraging, to love, care and spend time with our mothers.

The section Activity Coordinator Mrs. Kanta Bhatia addressed the students and mentioned a point which we as students should never forget in life –‘ The school is our second home and therefore the teachers are our mothers in school’.

Teachers voicing their thoughts on Mothers’ Day…

Mrs. Rebecca (Grade 9 and 10 Social Studies Teacher)

Ma’am, which was your happiest moment as a mother?

Each day I spend with my daughter fills me with happiness, but the happiest day of my life as a mother was when my baby was first given to me.

What quality do you admire the most in your daughter?

I feel being a mother is the highest paid jobs as the payment is true love. Though my daughter is just 6 years old, she is very caring and responsible, especially when her father and I are not well. At times I feel she is matured beyond her age. She is fair minded in so many ways and for a child I feel that is a rare trait.

I feel being a mother is the highest paid jobs as the payment is true love.

What were the emotions you went through when you were expecting your first child?

At the time I was a complete housewife. I was anxious of each and every movement of the baby. Yes, there was tension and stress but I forgot all that once I received the baby.

As a mother, what are your expectations concerning your daughter?

She should have a good heart and a caring mentality. No one should be hurt by her and she shouldn’t cause harm to anyone.

What is your message to the students as a second mother?

Children are the greatest blessings for parents. No child is born good or bad. It is the qualities that they adopt with the passage of time that makes them good or bad. Always have proper communication with your parents as it is very important in any relationship. Once children grow up, some of them don’t like to talk much with parents. This miscommunication hurts your parents’ feeling. Always communicate with your parents about your goals, situations, and problems.

Mrs. Hamida (Grade 9 and 10 Social Studies teacher)

Ma’am, how would you describe the relationship between you and your daughter?

The main foundation of our relationship lies in sharing, caring and sacrifice. I came to know what my mother went through once I became a mother. I would like to be a friendly mother to whom my daughter can talk freely. For example: I share all the incidents that take place in school with my daughter. It makes it easier for her to share her problems at school with me. Also we may not have similar interests all the time, but we still enjoy our times together. We dance and jump around like monkeys and scream along with each other which adds to the fun.

What is your picture of an ideal daughter?

I have no particular picture of an ideal daughter in mind. She is free to follow her dreams. We can’t force someone to take up something which they have no interest in. For example: my daughter is interested in animals and would like to become a vet; I cannot force her to go for engineering or medicine.

What is your message to the students?

I find a wide variety of talents and honestly I identify the beauty of the students when they are in casual clothes. I appreciate their versatility. My message for them is to work hard, get exposure and bring out their talents, to be loving, and above all, be themselves and never change.

Mrs. Shalini (Grade 9 and 10 English teacher)

Suppose your daughter does something unexpected (in a negative way), what would you do to rectify her?

I will try to make her understand instead of scolding her. I will try to make her understand by narrating experiences of people who had similar experiences.

What is your expectation from your daughter as a mother?

I don’t have many expectations. My daughter is a usual girl, more a tomboy. I want both my son and daughter to be good, honest people who would do something good for the society. The profession they take up doesn’t matter much but I would like them to be a benefit to the society.

What is your message to the IHS students?

Since I am a person who has travelled a lot, I find the students of IHS to be extremely hard working. The only thing I feel bad about is that I have heard a lot of students judge and talk ill of their teachers behind their backs. This is very sad because the students don’t realize the efforts put in and the preparation done by a teacher before taking a class. Therefore at times teachers feel that teaching is a job that is not rewarding.

What is your message to the mothers around you?

My only message to mothers is to always love your children no matter what happens.

About the Reporter:
Eva John is a Junior Reporter for the Light House. She like writing poetry, and reading.