By Juveria Hasan and Ishitha Manoj, Junior Reporters at the Light House

For the girls of grades nine and ten, the trip to IMG on 21st May was a much-needed one. Having started the academic term in an offbeat note due to the unexpected shuffling of classes, there was a desperate need for the section to get their mood back into place. There was not a better antidote than this field trip conveniently placed at the beginning of the academic year so that each class can come out stronger as a whole right from the beginning.

The enthusiasm that filled the place cannot be put into words. The faces booming with excitement, students huddled into groups just chattering away, and the occasional squeals were small but very crucial parts of an unforgettable day that lay ahead.

‘IMG Worlds of Adventure’ is the world’s largest indoor amusement park and is Dubai’s first mega themed entertainment destination. It has many fun attractions and is the perfect place for anybody who just wants to lay back and have a fun time to those who crave thrill and adventure.

Known to be one of the liveliest sections, the girls did justice to this title by spending themselves almost entirely on every single ride that was available to them.

Whether it was a stomach-dropping roller coaster, a spine-chilling haunted house or simply to join along with the dancers in the theme park, the girls tried them all.

The adrenaline rush that came with trying each ride was truly addicting and it was heartwarming to see the students and teachers enjoy the rides together and having fun.

It was a spectacular choice made by our school, but what stood out more was how this trip created the perfect platform to create stronger bonds and share phenomenal memories. The shuffling of classes in the beginning of the year did not seem to matter anymore as friends from old and new classes joined together in the amazing experience.

There were many trips that this section has enjoyed, but there is no doubt when we say that, this was a trip to rule them all.

About the Reporters:

Juveria Hassan is a Junior Reporter at the Light House. She prefers to voice her thoughts through her powerful words. Read more about her here.

Ishitha Manoj is a Junior Reporter at the Light House. Writing gives her a freedom that no other art has given her. Read more about her here.

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