PSY’CON 2016

By Sadaf Binu Manaf and Ananya Nair, Senior Reporters for the Light House

PSY’ CON’16 was held on 20th September 2016, Tuesday from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. The event was a huge success with our chief guest Kaushik Gopal appearing via video conference and interacting with our students.

The various stalls put up by the teams were indeed thought provoking and thoroughly a fun experience.The various other rounds such as debate, research paper and pressure challenge ensured that the students found and interest and plenty of information at the end of the event which will surely help them in the years to come.

This event would not have been possible without our headmistress Mrs.Latika, Our supervisor Mrs.Pranita, our section sports teacher Mrs.Kusum and our beloved Psychology Department- Mrs Liza, Ms.Gem, Mrs.Gayathri and Ms.Richu.

Session with Mr. Kaushik Gopal

This year, in the 3rd Intra School Psychology Conference, we were privileged to have a session with Mr. Kaushik Gopal, a senior Leadership Coach from the Centre for Creative Leadership, Singapore. He interacted with the students through a web ex seminar. The theme was, Are Virtual connections overpowering real human connections? Mr Gopal shared his insights on the topic based on a survey on internet addiction. The session concluded with a question answer round that brought out many relevant concerns of the adolescents today.

Students viewing the presentations

This proved to be very important for our students to recognize their standing with respect to internet use and they were also advised various ways of overcoming this. As the video conference came to an end, the main events of the psychology conference commenced. The first event was the research paper in which the participants were allowed to choose a topic of their interest and present it for 5 minutes with a PowerPoint presentation. The research papers were presented with much flair and expertise by the teams from the girls section and boys section. The topics they had talked about were informative and the winning presentation was from the boys side who did their research paper on the Dark Triad (narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy). Next up was the debate and it was between the boys and girls from grades 11 and 12. The topic for the debate was “Social Media Connects” which brought about a heated discussion regarding the pros and cons of using social networking platforms to maintain relationships. Though both sections put up an excellent show, it was the girls team that ultimately won the debate.

Students interacting with the psychology students who’ve put up the stalls

The stalls put up by the psychology students of grades 11 and 12 were interactive, showing us the true secret behind how our minds work. After the students were allowed to visit all the stalls, the students that took part in the pressure challenge explained their works on stage. The pressure challenge was an event where the students were given a topic on the spot and were given 15 minutes to make a collage on chart paper using the resources they had. The topic for the pressure challenge was “Emotional Reality of Virtual Connections” where all the teams showed us their marvelous ideas about the topic on paper.

Pressure challenge groups

Prior to the event, 4 teams made their own movies revolving around a psychological disorder of their choice and the winning movie was shown on the day of the event. The team consisting of the 11th grade boys was selected as the best movie for “Joe” which was about a boy who was diagnosed with misophonia (hatred for specific sounds that evoke negative emotions and physical responses). The PSY’CON’16 came to an end with the prize distribution and the vote of thanks. This educational but invigorating event was set up by the psychology teachers of IHS and the special student body made for the psychology colloquium. The memories and information that were imparted to the students will forever be carried and cherished by them.

Sadaf Binu Manaf and Ananya Nair are the Senior Reporters for the Light House. When not writing for the Light House, Ananya likes to play tennis and Sadaf is engrossed in her music.