Straight Outta IHS!

Students shine as CBSE announces results!

By Pranathi Mokkapati and Ayushi Mehta, for the Light House
The Hall of Fame! Well done, Batch of 2015–16!

21st May 2016, the day dreaded by many had finally arrived. IHS had done it again! The students of this great institution have given us yet another year to show their excellent results by topping in the whole gulf region in the streams of science and arts. They gave teachers yet another year to raise their heads proudly and remind them of their passion which lies in teaching. The students of IHS have done a marvelous job, with their strong commitment and hard work. Scoring splendid results, the students of The Indian High School have added another jewel in the crown by topping the Science and Arts stream in the Gulf Region as well as scoring superb results in Commerce stream. IHS is very proud to announce our incredible toppers; Pankti Shah topping Science stream with a ground breaking result of 98%, Ameena Zaheer topping the Arts stream with 97.2% and Resham Nembhawani topping the Commerce stream with 96.2%.

‘In my opinion, the biggest secret is “Work Smart”. Contrary to popular belief, putting in hours of incessant toil is not a guarantee of success. It is crucial to plan diligently, and remain focused during your planned hours of study, even if it’s just three hours.’ said Krishea Aswani, who graduated this year with splendid results. Indeed the constant hard work and sleepless nights spent by the teachers have paid off while giving the students constant support and tips to ace the exam and reach your potentials.

“We celebrate the success of our students. These students had a will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach their full potential… In IHS, excellence is not an act but a habit and an attitude. We at IHS believe in our students and motivate them to keep trying until they reach their goal. The faculty creates an environment where students can push themselves beyond their comfort zone to reach their goals.” said Mrs. Pranita Lele, supervisor for Grades 11 and 12.

‘All I have to say to the present 12th Grade and the coming batches is that need not worry about anything, your goal is achievable if are focused and hard working. Luck will play in your favour only if you are hard working.’ said Mohd Hasnain who also graduated with flying colors.

‘Moving onto a new phase always entails an emotionally charged concoction of excitement, anxiety, nostalgia and chilling terror and it is no different in my case. But my identity as an HIS product gives me the faith that I will be able to establish a strong footing in the world and as we’ve been singing for years, “ bring laurels to the school”.’ said Krishea when asked what it feels like closing one chapter in life and entering into another.

Mrs. Latika Narain, headmistress of Grades 11 and 12, said: “I am overjoyed at the brilliant CBSE grade 12 result. As Headmistress, I am exceedingly proud of the fact that 514 girls and boys and their teachers have done their best in the pursuit of excellence. Hearty congratulations to all.”

All the sleepless nights and stressed days are worth it at the end. Hard work and perseverance definitely pay off. We wish all the students best of luck for their future endeavours!

About the Reporters:
Pranathi Mokkapati is a Member of the Editorial Board for the Light House, currently studying in Class 12 of The Indian High School, Dubai.
Ayushi Mehta is a Senior Reporter for the Light House, currently in Class 11 of The Indian High School, Dubai.
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