Talents Day 2k17 — The Perfect Start to the Academic year

By Vedant Sagar and Neev Behal, Senior Reporters at the Light House

It was that day of the year again, the curtains were up and the seats, filled. The stage was empty and the air, heavy with excitement. It’s Talents Day 2k17, and on stepped the students of the Indian High School to boom the stage with their implausible, improbable, and incredible talents! With the tight Battle of the Bands, flamboyant Group Dance, fantastic Solo Singing and the unique Wacky Talents, Talents Day 2k17 truly was a memorable experience.

The ‘Battle of the Bands’ provided a rocking start to a perfect afternoon. With each band, not only playing popular numbers, but also performing songs in more than one language, helped add a dimension of diversity to the performances. With the entire auditorium singing with the performers, it was only right to say that the battle was fought and everyone was a winner. Following was battle was a unique segment that wowed the entire auditorium.

Wacky Talents was a concept unknown to the general audience. But with skits, shayaris and stand-up comedies, which took humor to a whole new level and sent the entire auditorium into endless laughter, Wacky Talents ended up becoming the gem of the afternoon.

With flashy clothes and shiny shoes, a peppy beat and some killer movers, the Michael Jacksons of IHS took the stage by storm and showed the audience how any school program was incomplete without a Group Dance. Throughout these events, the anchors of the event constantly kept the crowd on the edge of their seats and helped maintain their energy at an all time high. Marked with some stellar Solo Singing performances, Talents Day 2k17 drew to a close, and everyone left the auditorium with a feeling of happiness and content.

Orchestrated by the student, and applauded by the teachers, Talents day 2k17 was a real hit among the 11 and 12th boys section. “It was like the world’s best musicians, dancers, singers and comedians were performing. Audience also rose to the occasion”, said a thrilled Mr. Pradeep Kumar, the section supervisor, applauding the hard work and dedication of the students in efficiently organizing and executing this school program. Talents Day proved to be the perfect start this academic year deserved. Let’s wait and see what it has in store for us next.

About the Reporters:

Vedant Sagar is a Senior Reporter at the Light House. When he is not juggling the football, he is juggling with words. Read more about him here.

Neev Behal is a Senior Reporter at the Light House. A keen debater and a music lover, Neev loves to pen down everything that comes to his mind. Read more about him here.

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