Talents Day - Junior School

By Dane Britto, Junior Reporter for the Light House

Every person is gifted some special talent from God. This year The Indian High School had given the Grade 4 boys an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents in dance, vocal music, instrumental music and dramatics. This encourages the students to overcome their stage fright and to be more confident in extra- curricular activities.

The preparations started with 3 rounds of auditions which began in May 2016. Students were given 4 categories to choose from, which were singing, instrumental, dance and dramatics. Each student performed and showcased their talents in the audition rounds and the best were shortlisted for the final round that was held on the 4th of September. It was a platform given to the students to showcase their talent and identify their skills in performing Arts.

On the Talent Day, the students were called to the auditorium where they were given a token. Mrs. Loretta Ma’am welcomed the gathering. Each student came forward with their enthusiastic performance. The judges took their sits. The students then started with their startling talents.Students from the singing category sang melodiously. They all sang with passion. Some children showed their amazing dancing skills which was precise and distinct. Next was the instrumental category where the students created marvelous musical symphony with the musical instruments. Finally was the dramatics category where the boys made the children laugh with their remarkable funny act. Everyone was happy and cheerful. The event was very lively.

The judges spoke motivating words and inspired the children never to lose hope rather to improve and increase your talent. The supervisor Mrs. Manju Singh declared the results; three children had been selected as winners from each category. Lionel from 4-S said that this was the greatest opportunity for all the students to identify and develop their talent. This was a successful event and a colorful one.

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Dane Britto is a Junior Reporter for the Light House.
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