Thank you for making a difference — Suganthi Samuel

By Sreelakshmi Prakash ,Junior Reporter for the Light House
“This world tries to make women depend on men at every point in their life. The only way out of this is education.” - Suganthi Samuel
Mrs. Suganthi Samuel

A teacher, a mentor, a team mate and a friend, Mrs. Suganthi Samuel was one and many things to the students and teachers at I.H.S.

An ardent teacher, lighting up young minds, she rid numerous students of their fear towards Mathematics.

“Samuel ma’am was an amazing teacher and person. We would never miss her classes. She never gave up on us but instead always motivated us to try harder.”, says Mahima Lolla, a student of class 10 A.

Mrs. Samuel was the epitome of perseverance and positivity and during her tenure at I.H.S, she has successfully instilled these qualities in her co-workers and students.

“Samuel ma’am was truly an inspiration to each one of us at I.H.S. She had a great personality and aspired perfection in her work.”, says Rani Joseph, H.O.D , 10th grade (Boys).
Mrs. Samuel along with other teachers at I.H.S

From being the Head of Department to conducting remedial classes for the students, she always took up responsibility with pride and confidence, giving in her best unfailingly.

A strong feminist, she always emphasized on the importance of education and spread this message to all with a beautiful smile that adorned her.

We will never forget her kind face, because she always kept faith in her students and changed the lives of many more with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.

About the Reporter:
Sreelakshmi Prakash is the Junior Reporter for the Light House When not writing for the Light House, she’s engrossed in reading books.