The Conference like no other- Dubai Model United Nations Conference 2017!

By Sradha Menon, Junior Reporter at the Light House

The conference that we’d all been waiting for! After several months it had finally arrived. On the 29th of April, the most anticipated and awaited event of the year, The Dubai Model United Nations, had commenced with a splendid opening ceremony. The ceremony was packed with enthusiastic students, delegates, reporters, teachers, supervisors and many important guests. The most important and influential of them all was the Paralympic Silver Medal winner, a warrior that had to battle and fight her way through the cruelty of life. A champion, Mrs. Deepa Malik.

For the next two hours, the vast audience listened to her recite her tale in pure awe and admiration. Her struggles and pain never stopped her from believing in herself. Till this very day, she does not hesitate to say, “I still look hot” with a proud smile. Everyone in the audience left that room with a newly acquired motivation and strength to face every hurdle in life.

The ceremony also included dance performances and speeches from various other important guests, including our beloved headmistress, Mrs. Latika Narain. The handing over of the gavel to the members of the executive board and the Secretary General’s opening statement concluded the ceremony.

Day one of DXBMUN witnessed anxious and nervous delegates, researching and debating all throughout the four intense committee sessions that were held at the Indian International School. All the delegates shared comical and notable incidents from their committees with each other and enjoyed the wide spread of eatables arranged for them during the lunch and tea breaks.

“Every chairing experience is unique and different. No matter how many times I’ve done this, I always leave the conference room with a new lesson.”
 -Hemang Dash, Chair of The Sixth General Assembly.

The second day did not see much progress in the level of debate in each committee. A few committees took on the task of tackling a crisis that was perfectly created by the chairpersons and successfully drafted resolutions.

Day three, however, was slightly different than the rest. While everyone tried to focus on debating and the intense drama taking place in the committee rooms, their minds wandered to the gala event and the closing ceremony that was scheduled to take place later that day. The last few committee sessions went by quickly and soon it was time to go back to our auditorium once again, this time to officially conclude the conference. The closing ceremony was glorified with a beautiful dance performance and a short concert, all performed by the students of our very own school.

The deserving winners bagged in trophies and certificates and made their way to the long-awaited gala.

The most exciting part of the gala, the dance party, was organized by an ex-student of IHS, Anandu Nair. Our school’s most frequently visited DJ, Gaurav Thakur, did an incredible job at entertaining the crowd with two hours of energy packed music.

“It was a pleasure to organise an event for the school. Its different as you don’t consider this as another corporate event but something that you give back to the school.”
 — Anandu Nair

This conference was definitely a unique conference, something that our school had never witnessed before. Memories of these four amazing days will stay in our hearts forever.

About the Reporter:

Sradha Menon is a Junior Reporter at the Light House. An Avid reader and sports enthusiast. Loves to box with words, eventually giving a knock out result. Read more about her here.

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