The Pioneers Of Tomorrow

By Khushboo Moorjani, Senior Reporter at the Light House

A new force of energy every time, new faces, new competitors and a new healthy challenge marking the beginning of the school year leading to the formation of the student council, the representatives of the student body.

Confident smiles walk the school halls carrying the forms which would decide whether or not they will rise to speak for their fellow mates. With each day passing by the anticipation in the minds of entire body increases, gossips spread around the whole school, with everyone throwing their perspectives in and then we have those set of students who mildly carry their hopes up high and wait for the announcement. Each year, the first few months carry with them the eager determination of every student to create an impact on the school and the teachers so that they don’t go unnoticed.

The form distribution began in early May, with all the students preparing for their units and focusing equally on the upcoming interviews, after the first slot of forms were reviewed the halls were all lively again with the respected teachers walking around with the expected council members. The house teachers finalized a list of the four houses namely Emerald, Ruby, Saphire and Topaz.

The very next step after that was the most important and stressful speech day, wherein the students get to elect their council from the shortlisted group; each house presents 4–5 participants who compete for the post of house captain. The head girl and head boy are also selected in a similar way, after the speech the students are required to put their votes into boxes which are later counted and the new council is announced.

After all the vigorous interviews, speeches and hustle, the newly elected council was announced, and with that began the preparation for the much-awaited investiture ceremony. This is a traditional way of applauding the council members and honoring them with their badges and introducing them to their posts, this ceremony begins with a powerful speech by Mrs. Latika Narain every year and ends on an inspiring note by the new head girl and boy. During the ceremony the members are required to take an oath wherein they pledge to remain loyal to their duties and serve the school right, they promise to stand by the students and for the students.

This year is believed to have the most strong and loved council society with Anagha Manoj Kumar leading the girls and Darpan Bhavesh Sheth leading the boy’s section. As stated by the council secretary Rydell Tauro, “I love the council because everyone understands each other and there’s no one dominating over the other. Everyone is always there to help. Plus it’s a set of batch mates you can work with and also have fun with. Without a doubt, it’s the best the school has ever had, and we can assure to make this year the best.”

With the great semester that is soon coming to an end, it seems like this year will be holding many more exciting memories.

About the Reporter:

Khushboo Moorjani is a Senior Reporter at the Light House. She uses the power of words to convey her messages. Read more about her here.

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