Top 8 places you must visit in IHS

By Eva Eliza John and Ishitha Manoj, Junior Reporters for the Light House

1. Aryabhatta Reference and Research Centre (a.k.a IHS’s very own library)

Students reading in the library

Why you should visit: The answer for this one is simple; books, books and more books! The ARRC is filled with fiction, non fiction, study materials and magazines. It is the perfect place for students to learn, have fun and enjoy themselves thoroughly in the process. We also love the fantastic quotes that pop out from the most unexpected places (hint: check out the steps leading to the library).

What’s new: As the Year of Reading, the ARRC had tied up with the Dubai Public library to create new, improved reading experience. Check out the shelves every month, we are guaranteed at least hundred new books for our satisfaction.

Students issuing their books in the library

Students should look out for: The fun programmes and competitions held frequently by the library.

2. The ‘Happiness Hallway’

Why you should check this place out: This newest addition to IHS has transformed the Gandhi block hallways into works of art, and is not only immensely pleasing to the eyes but also leaves you with a sense of satisfaction and of course, happiness!

Look out for: The artworks displayed next to the hallways, done by our very own students and of course, the pets!

3. The Recess Radio

Students in the recess radio during the recess time

Why you should visit: The source of all the music that thrums though your blood and makes you want to dance your heart out during recess. Dedicate songs for your friends or simply request for songs to one of the RJ’s and dance until you drop to your favorite tunes!

4. Canteen

The canteen staffs

Love of good food is a universal experience. The huge rush of students pushing each other to get their favorite food item before the bell rings clearly proves that the canteen is one of the most popular places in the school. The snacks that have been recently added to the menu include vegetable rolls, chicken pepper rolls, chicken tikka rolls and paneer rolls. The chachas and chachis in the canteen said that it would be nice if the rush was a little more controlled though.

5. Career Advisor

This is meant mainly for the 9–12 graders. All tests conducted in the school including Interest Tests for Grade8, Personality Test for Grade 9, and Aptitude Tests for Grade10 are conducted by the career guidance department.

It also conducts guidance sessions, career talks and campus visits mainly for the 11th graders. Guidance sessions are often held as group sessions. All these sessions are quite confidential and require prior appointments.. It also conducts seminar workshops. The motives of the Career Advisor are to:

* Help and assist in university selections.

* Help in stream selections.

* Counseling and availing services.

* Answer enquiries about career options.

The career centre

6. Auditorium

The auditorium with three different levels of seating arrangements

Sheikh Rashid auditorium, known for its immensely grand stage and settings, is definitely one of the places that should be visited in IHS. After its recent renovation, the walls, the lights, the acoustic arrangement, the seating plan and all the other added features contribute to the new spectacular look and adds life to the experience of the visitor. This highlight of the school also contributes to the pride of the students and therefore it is definitely one of the places on the list.

7. Sports Complex

Students playing badminton in the sports complex

As the name suggests, this block is solely dedicated to the practice of sports such as volleyball, throw ball, badminton etc. Basketball is usually practiced in the basketball court adjacent to the canteen.

Recently, the ground floor of the sports complex was renovated to add on a few classrooms for the boys section. A new sports complex was constructed on the level above the Aryabhatta Reference and Research Centre. Students are allowed to bring their sports equipment and practice here during their respective recesses.

8. Artworks around the campus

Beautiful artworks displayed on the wall

Look around as you walk around the campus and enjoy the art found in the simplest of places whether it be a sculpture or a painting. You cannot deny that we have been gifted with a set of talented artists in our section!

About the Reporter:
Eva Eliza John and Ishitha Manoj are the Junior Reporters for the Light House. When not writing for the Light House, Eva is engrossed in writing poems and Ishitha loves reading books.