We bid adieu to a living legend!

By Junior Reporters of Junior School

Read as we say goodbye to one of the longest serving teachers of IHS, Mrs. May Barretto!

How has your journey been at IHS?

Enjoyable and great learning experience. For me the boundary between teacher and learning have now become blurred with each of them happily co existing with another.

What have been your most cherished moments?

There are many cherished moments which I treasure especially hugs, kisses and greetings from tiny tots. Special bonding with the children.

What did you enjoy most about teaching?

My passion for teaching. Interacting with children and imparting knowledge into the tender minds.

You have seen school evolve and grow. In your words, the school in 1979 (when you joined) and the school today…

System of education has changed. It is child centered, Activity oriented and play based. It is technology advanced now unlike what it was in 1979 where it was more of rote learning and today being one of the most sorts after school by the Indian community.

How many days have you missed in the last three years?

Teaching being my love and my passion and IHS being my second home that kept me motivated every morning to come to school. My absence I feel can be counted by the number of fingers on my hand (three and half days only).

What has kept you motivated in this role that you have carried out so successfully for all these years?

The very fact that along with my teachers we have been molding young minds into the future of this world and the unconditional love from these tiny tots.

What is your mantra for managing with the work pressures at IHS?

My motto being nothing is impossible and never having a preconceived decision and knowing that every bud if looked after with tender care, guidance and love can blossom into one of the best flower in this world.

Mrs. Baretto shares her wisdom with the Junior Reporters!

What message would you like to share with your students at the Indian High School?

Keep yourself focused and always strive to achieve the best, respect your peers and there is no shortcut to success.

What advice would you like to give the teachers?

Keeping in mind that this is the first interaction of a child into the educational system they should be as a potter and child as a clay. For how we mould them they would be the finished product. Understand that the learning process includes everyone teachers, students, colleagues and parents, get them involved. Be a role model and be a committed to your work.

We have heard you are doing your bit for the community, could you please tell us more about it?

It should be everyone’s duty to give back the society in every little way that we can. As in my case for the past 27 years I have been molding young minds to know more about the word of God, and instilling in them the love and respect one should have for parents and peers. Getting involved in charity campaigns and visiting the sick in hospitals.

Now that you are taking retirement, what are your plans for the future?

To continue to serve the community by educating the unprivileged children and keeping in mind the motto of our school that “Knowledge is Power”.

The Light House team wishes Mrs. Barretto all the best in her future ventures!

About the Reporters:
Akshay Padmanabhan is a Junior Reporter for the Light House, and is currently the Head Boy for Class 4 of The Indian High School!
Yashna Aditani is a Junior Reporter for the Light House, and is currently the Head Girl for Class 4 of the Indian High School!