Wizard in Town!

By Parvathi Sreeraj, Junior Reporter for the Light House

“On Tuesday when we got a circular regarding a workshop with a Vedic Mathematician the next day, I was filled with mixed emotions. More than the excitement of meeting a mathematician, I felt bad that we were going to miss our classes…” says Annette Anto, with a guilty smile.

The girls of grades 7 and 8 participated in a workshop organized by The Indian High School, conducted by Mr. Dhaval Bhatia. Mr. Bhatia is a lawyer by profession, but hung around his passion for Vedic Mathematics. Mr. Bhatia recalled that during his early years, he wasn’t keen about Mathematics and didn’t fare well at the subject. That is when his father gifted him a book on Vedic Mathematics, which is a set of rules that helped him solve complex calculations on various branches of mathematics like algebra and arithmetic with ease. He was thoroughly fascinated by the ancient technique, and set off to spread his wings of knowledge to young minds by conducting workshops and seminars. To date, he has conducted sessions to over one million students in about 15 countries across the world. On his journey of empowering knowledge, Mr. Dhaval has bagged his place in the Guinness Book of World Records for conducting the largest ever vocabulary lesson, with 1,310 participant students who came from various schools to learn how to widen their English vocabulary on 15th September 2015 in Maharashtra, India.

Mrs. Bindu Rajeev said she learnt a lot from the session!

“From students to teachers, everyone was actively participating in the workshop…all of us were thrilled by the tricks he showed us. Such excitement is not commonly seen in students when learning Mathematics in the classrooms…”, said Mrs. Bindu Rajeev, a math faculty who recalled the happenings of the workshop with full enthusiasm even weeks after the program. She said, “The only thing I regret right now is not getting a notepad with me. I have joined his Facebook page titled ‘Dhaval Bhatia’s Community Page’ , where he shares his ideas and connects to people. It is definitely worth it.”

“Mr. Dhaval Bhatia’s tricks were really cool… he showed us how to multiply two digit numbers in just one step! It is called the IXI technique. I have been practicing it for quite some time, and now I can mentally multiply any two numbers. I’m indeed glad that now I won’t have to waste much time with trial-and-error during my math paper,” says Divya Patchigolla with immense pride.

The audience was spell bound by Mr. Dhaval’ s Money Magic. In this trick, you can get to know how much money a person has with them, following a few steps of calculation. Firstly, add the amount of money with 5. Multiply the resultant number by 2, and further by 5. Next, add it with any number of your choice, ranging from (0–10) to it. Now add 10. Cancel off the digit in the unit’s place, and subtract the remaining two digit number by 6. The answer obtained will be the amount of money that you have!

Mr. Dhaval also showed a Birthday Magic, with which you can figure out anyone’s birthday with ease. All you have to do is, multiply the month you are born, with 2. Add 5 and then multiply 5. Put a 0 in the unit’s place, so as to increase one digit to your previous answer. Now add the date you are born on. Subtract the resultant answer by 250. The last two digits (unit’s and ten’s place) will be the date you are born on, and the first digit(s) will be your birth month.

The session with Mr. Dhaval Bhatia didn’t end in that one hour. There were sales of two of his CD’s, MATH-E-MAGIC and MEMORY POWER each at Dhs.10, especially for the students at IHS. The first CD was on easy mathematical calculations, and the second one came up with innovative ideas to memorize history dates, geography data and various lists for long answers. In his CD MEMORY POWER, Mr. Dhaval says, “The three things to keep in mind when memorizing a piece of data is; create an image, make sense and find something special.” His concepts and ideas are quite sharp and one will benefit a lot in any of his sessions. He is truly a math wizard and memory expert.

As someone once said, “The higher we are placed, the more humble we should walk” — the same is the lesson we learnt from Mr. Dhaval Bhatia, who in spite of his busy schedule has devoted his time, just for us, free of cost…

About the Reporter:
Parvathi Sreeraj is a Junior Reporter for the Light House. She plays an active part in the community around, and writes to Gulf News regularly.
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