Your Happiness is our Happiness!

By Vivek Rao and Darpan Sheth, Member of the Editorial Board, and Senior Reporter respectively

The Indian High School, Dubai was all smiles on Thursday, when the school inaugurated its “Happiness Hallway”. The inauguration took place on Thursday morning on school premises, with Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and Ms. Hind Al Mualla, Chief of Creativity, Happiness & Innovation (KHDA).

The waiting room is given a new and colorful feel!

The event was attended by esteemed guests from the KHDA, executives of The Indian High School, students, parents, as well as pets! The Happiness Hallway is the first of its kind in the country, and serves as a cheerful greeting place for parents and students alike.

The Hallway has benches that were hand-painted by the students themselves!

The hallway’s walls host a variety of vibrant colors. When entering, one’s eye would immediately catch the slogan of the hallway: “Your happiness is our happiness!” propped up in bold. Just under this slogan chirp two birds that give the Hallway a more natural feel.

Soothing blue that expels the blues

The benches in the waiting room were painted by the students themselves with minimalistic nature-inspired designs. Each bench holds the names of the students that worked on them. The walls on either side display the myriad charitable endeavors the school has pursued. Towards the end of the hallway the walls hold inspiring quotes and statements that are meant to remain in the reader’s mind.

Apart from the hallway, two meeting rooms have been created that are equipped with natural mood lighting that makes it a comfortable meeting room for official meetings or casual private conversations.

The Indian High School, Dubai has a reputation for its innovative techniques in boosting happiness and de-stressing students. The school has dedicated Happiness Ambassadors who strive to work for the joy of the 50-year old institution. Besides, on exam days, students bring pets to alleviate stress. The Hallway is the latest addition to the school’s growing list of aesthetic sights scattered around the campus.

IHS displays the “HeArt of Giving”!

The Happiness Hallway serves its purpose well, and is the first of its kind in the country. Its vivid colors and friendly atmosphere reflect that the importance of happiness is not undermined at The Indian High School, Dubai.

About the Reporters:
Vivek Rao is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Light House. When he’s not reading a book or listening to indie music, he’s out biking across the urban landscape.
Darpan Sheth is a Senior Reporter for the Light House. An avid gamer, Darpan writes in his free time or fiddles with the latest iPhone.
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