I want to be an iTech Teacher

It’s taken me a while to fully know what I wanted to do, while invariably I’ve found myself in a workplace scenario doing what I used to do when I was 10 years old, it took a while for my over-analytic brain to confirm a confidence in knowing that this is what I want.

Our high school guidance counselor used to ask us what you would do if you had a million dollars and didn't have to work. And invariably, whatever you’d say, that was supposed to be your career. So if you wanted to fix old cars, then you’re supposed to be an auto mechanic.

If I did not have to worry about the financial element of why we go to work I certainly believe I would be in the educational realm because it matters most, and is the solution I see for the future I want to leave my little ones. I heard a quote recently (I can’t remember it exactly) but it was basically that there is no such thing as an idealistic business man, and I kinda agree. While I spent the last three years getting my business degree and focused on the triple bottom line and companies that had idealistic responsible social missions built into their businesses like, Chipotle, Toms, Warby Parker and others the place I found myself drawn towards was staying in education. I felt the “career” and professional energy / passion I have for connecting with others, visual communication, technology and supporting others in achieving their accomplishments I wanted to keep in the place I’ve spent the last decade which is public education. I just needed to figure out how to afford to stay doing what I love. Right now I work a second job from 3am-8:30am every weekday at UPS doing physical labor. My plan is to make it so I can restore balance and sleep to my life. Working in the classroom instead of in technology support I can take steps towards that financial balance and time restoration needed for a harmonious life.

I love to teach, and I’ve been teaching for years while at the 8 years at Portland Public Schools, however not in any official certified position more of a system where I would take half of the 60 students on a certified librarians class list, for four periods each day for “lab support”.

For the first two years I built a video production with studio program and course using Gear Up funds as the schools Gear Up Coordinator, then the funds and grants expired and with it the equipment with middle school students using it daily started to fail. I then transitioned to teaching “Media Technology” with even more students as a full elective in a computer lab scenario. I continued this for three years developing and adapting curriculum and streamlining the experience to still be able to teach full time and do tech support. Using online resources for time saving such as blogger http://mrhurst.blogspot.com, student self grading using Google forms, and DROPitTOme as we did not have a content learning management system and students would be in and out of my course on a weekly basis due to the neighborhood and elective unofficial nature of this course. I developed the stance that if you are in front of me today and hopefully tomorrow, I will teach you something you can take home and get value from. I also taught for 4 maybe 5 years much of the same content in a wildly popular after school Schools Uniting Neighborhoods course called “Tech Media Club” http://laneafterschooltech.blogspot.com/ This teaching thing is something I’ve come to love.

Why iTech, why not Skyview or Evergreen, they both have more established strong and growing technology programs?

Good question, and I will be hired wherever I can find a position available for me, however the reason why iTech is unique and why I want to be here is…

I’m already here,

furthermore I love the full integration of the way I see the elements that I love to teach which would be in the electronic applications, pre-engineering and design with the rest of the school in project based learning and balance to each subject and exploration of content.

What is stopping me?

Right now April 2015 I’m waiting on CTE and a position to fully open up, providing that forecasting provides the necessarily numbers for students to enroll in the courses. Although there are other positions within CTE in the district that might be a more comfortable fit with schedules, iTech is the goal while equally understanding there is not a single solution to fulfilling this goal which could be met in a variety of ways.

Last year May 2014, I made this visual for the teachers here, although nothing ever came of it, the idea was to print this in a way they could show off and be proud of teaching here, perhaps this is a foreshadowing for the subconscious desires within my own mind.

Update as of 4.28.15

The preliminary forecasting numbers look good so there is a good chance for the full FTE for a position for me next school year at iTech. Hope

Update as of 5.13.15

I submitted my application for the posted position, two weeks of waiting

and then hopefully things will be processing along for the hiring process to proceed, I do have an interview for Skyview in 6 days but iTech is where I want to be.

Update as of 5.21.15

It’s official! I accepted the offered position to be an iTech CTE teacher for 2015–2016! I go into HR and sign papers this afternoon, this is awesome!

Update as of 7.1.15

It’s fully official! I was issued my CTE teaching certificate for this coming school year! #Goals #Education #ItsOfficial