Learning Code to create my own project management solution

Firstly i do have some strong knowledge of HTML , CSS , Javascript however i have never gone it alone creating my own Application from start to finish being mainly a front-end dev and more design focused i have never been comfortable venturing into the scary Back-end realm of development.

But i decided to 2017 was the year i Man up and do this as my 2017 goal.

Signl is my own solution to project managing solo i don’t need Team messaging features nor do i need hundreds of pings telling me John has nearly finished his work. i have stripped back everything and gone back to the bare basic’s flushing out flashy features and putting in what i need to get personal projects done.

Using OneNote to annotate over pages to map out bugs , changes and more has helped me improve my workload it also means i can work on it on the go via my mobile if i have an idea or decide something needs to change to improve usage.

upcoming improvements i plan to make are adding preset labels to your project tile Design , Wedding , Admin , Website etc.

customise project page with own personalised color’s to make each project you create feel different.

improve Mobile responsiveness as theres pages that just don’t work on mobile or they just make the experience awful

So far the learning has been awesome and getting support from the community has been unreal i hope by the end of 2017 my own personal project will be stable and i can use day to day . I have made it public so anybody can use for free as i don’t want to make money from this i want it to be my one project i can evolve , improve and continue to learn and push myself to learn more advanced things.

Signl is hosted on Digital Ocean

512 MB Memory / 20 GB Disk / LON1 — Ubuntu 16.04.1 x64

I use https://gogs.io/ to push code to a private Repo and use webhooks set up so i can deploy to both Test and Production branches which automatically update the below URL’s

Test.signl.uk & Signl.uk

it also features Turbolink’s to improve speed , Gulp and and a few other neat little things i picked up along the way so far

Feel free to register on https://signl.uk and play about and share your feedback with it so far THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE STABLE VERSION SO PLEASE DONT TREAT IT AS ONE.