My First Web Project Update

My first web project built in Laravel 5.3 is coming along well, having hit many walls on a daily basis it hasn’t put me off at all, Google search is a great way to look for the answer as 9/10 somebody else has had exactly the same issue.

Signl in the early stages still lots to complete , refine and fix
Some of the Issues still open and currently working on

In total i have logged 37 issues 26 of which are now closed (phew)

However i still have a long way to go with things such as the To do list saving when user leaves page fixing the documents model duplicating content and several others. I feel i have succeeded even when i have only closed 1 issue that’s taken me a week or if i have only made little steps forward!

i’m constantly refining the way the site looks and works adding new features i think would work well and taking things away i feel don’t make an impact or are really a waste for the site.

Google calender allowing you to view from the dashboard without leaving

I want Signl to be used without distractions hence there is no message board to share funny Gifs or allow you to invite team members in. There’s lots out there that do this already so why try re-inventing the wheel, my goal is to build a project management tool for the individual user who can drop in and quickly add stuff to a project be it planning a wedding or starting a new Business idea.

This as mentioned is a year long process so far its going awesome! it looks great it looks and does what i imagined it to be like.

view uploaded files and soon allow user to create personalised folders to organise better

I’m hoping by the end of February beginning of march to have it deployed to the test branch and hopefully see others use and share feedback,

Signl is not just a year long project but my 2017 goal to learn PHP and other stuff along the way so i can start doing more as a backend developer.

so im taking my time learning as i go and enjoying every second!

I will share the link to signl in future blog posts