Difficulty with Intermittence

“PSP, this is SA. Receiving you with Difficulty with Intermittence, over.”

You could say it has always been this way. And perhaps it will always be this way.

But after that little Bomb I dropped, after the Tremor, this intermittence isn’t the same. To me, the same intermittence has become a long period of silence.

Radio silence, perhaps. Are we still on the same frequency? Were we ever on the same channel? Or are you simply not transmitting? Am i too impatient, or was my transmission too abrupt, too sudden, too unwanted?

I can only place my ear beside the static and await for a message.

But I have to go, at least for a short while. Reluctantly put down the handset and carry the field pack.

I only pray something will replace the deafening static after 5 days.

Goodbye, for now. Or perhaps indefinitely, should you have left this impulsive, impatient, impossible channel.

My cards are on the table, dear.

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