Health and wellness in a Work from Home Environment

By Zachary Stetka

Hi, my name is Zachary Stetka and I am a Marketing Intern for the summer here at Improvement Interactive. I am currently going into my last semester of my undergrad this fall at Arizona State University (I’m sure my friends in Tucson here at Improvement Interactive will be happy to hear that). This is my first blog post for you and I am excited to share my insight and experiences here thus far. Enjoy!

How much physical activity did you do today?

In a Harvard Business Review study, it is found that exercise and a focus on your health can improve the way you think on the job. Working at home versus working at an office has its differences for the working individual and a daily schedule. While working at home can be a convenience in some aspects, it also presents its own challenges. For those of us who work at home, you generally don’t have to move as much as those who have to travel to work and navigate an office.

Working at a desk job, let alone working at home, can present its own unique challenges when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. In a survey done by CBS Money Watch, 56% of people surveyed said that a disadvantage of working at a desk job is not getting enough physical activity on a daily basis. Another disadvantage listed by the survey is that 51% of respondents say that they feel like they are stuck inside most of the day. According to a Mayo Clinic Study, an adult needs 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity.

To encourage our own employees to participate in some physical activity, Improvement Interactive initiated its own health challenge for a fun way to encourage one another to get active. Participants kept track of calories burned in an app that our CEO created and collected the total at the end of each month. Participants were encouraged to participate in various physical activities that would get them moving and get calories burning! The competition was a fun way to help everyone to encourage each other to feel well and be healthy. Participants were able to cheer one another on both from within the app and on our Yammer page.

I interviewed a couple participants who took part in the Improvement Interactive Fitness Challenge, to get an in depth look on how a fun competition to get active can take place in a workplace.

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