Local Governments Can Innovate Using Technology: Here’s How.

Local governments are currently facing a number of challenges in today’s changing environment; serving citizens efficiently, making sure city services like water and sanitation services run smoothly, and managing transportation issues and schooling — all on a very limited budget. In today’s connected world, people expect lightning speed delivery of service and 24 hour access. Many local governments still rely on forms that have to be mailed in, payments taken in person via check and appointments that need to be made in person. Local governments exist not only to improve the lives of the people they serve, but also to increase civic engagement in a meaningful way.

Some innovative local governments have been able to implement wonderful technology solutions that truly make the lives of its citizens better. Smart cities are emerging to meet the demands of consumers, with some cities developing apps to manage parking, transportation, fine payment and even police monitoring with automated systems.

But for those who haven’t yet, how do you choose the best fit to create a system that meets your needs? Here are some tips:

  1. Identify what you want, and what you can afford. Some cities have larger budgets than others, and being intentional about your priorities and what will serve the public best is important.
  2. Choose a capable vendor. Of course, large projects with an IT vendor are naturally going to be complicated and involve a lot of information that municipalities may be uncomfortable understanding. Choosing a vendor that can show you the way, and that truly partners with you, will be able to ascertain your needs and translate that into technology that serves the purpose of the city as a whole.
  3. Have a strategic plan. Your technology vendor may be able to help you with this, but being able to scale and anticipate future developments is a strategic advantage when you’re outsourcing work.
  4. Innovate your procurement policy. Sure, municipalities have to follow protocol to ensure that taxpayer’s investments reflect their needs and ensure service levels, but do a little digging to make sure that your outsourced work is going to achieve that. That’s achieved by more than poring through RFP’s and ensuring the organization you partner with truly has your best interests at heart. By creating a set of values that are people based, rather than technology based, you can ensure collaboration that will produce the results you’re looking for.

Technology innovation is possible for local governments, even with limited budgets and limited expertise by partnering with the right organization. TO learn more about how Improvement Interactive can help create collaborative technology to bridge your departments, visitwww.improvementinteractive.com

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