Teamwork makes the Dream Work

By Kayla Laguna, Management Intern at Improvement Interactive

Every day we strive to perform to the best of our ability. Our skills are challenged in our daily tasks, whether at home, work, school or engaged in an extra-curricular activity. The best way to utilize our skills is to find our strengths and use this in a collaborative way with others.

Working together as a team allows us to build on the special talents that we posses. Every individual contains different skills that another may not have. At work, one team member may posses writing skills while the other may possess technical skills. We rely on each other to bring our individual talents to the table. By utilizing everybody’s strengths, the team becomes stronger.

Working together as a team builds creativity throughout the organization. Brainstorming new viewpoints and combining individual perspectives creates more effective business solutions. Working together maximizes shared knowledge throughout the workplace, improving individual skills which contributes to the success of the company.

Building relationships in the workplace is contingent on a huge factor: trust. Being a part of a team means we are now relied on by others. Even more so when a company has its employees working from home, like ours does. I have had the opportunity to work for Improvement Interactive for less than a year now and teamwork plays a big role in our work at home environment. We need to put our trust in each other and have the assurance that our teammates will be dependable.

My team members have to trust that I am working to the best of my ability to deliver what they need. I also need to make sure I am communicating precisely and clearly with my team because sometimes messages can be misinterpreted when using technology. While my team needs to have trust in me, in return I need to put my trust in them. It is essential to be honest with one another when we face a problem or situation. If a team member gets stuck on an issue, it is important to communicate and collaborate together in order to create the best solution.

Working in a home environment doesn’t allow employees to see each other face to face often. To build these long-term relationships it is crucial to put your trust in a coworker to and create a feeling of safety that allows for new business ideas to emerge. This is also applicable in a project at school, or simply by preparing dinner together at home.

Most importantly, working together makes us feel fulfilled. When a group is working towards a similar goal within the organization this allows the team to feel connected to the company. This then builds loyalty within the organization creating and overall job satisfaction. Teamwork really does create the dream work!