Tyler’s Must-Read Favorite Software Development Blogs

As professionals and people who care deeply about our craft, enjoying life and staying on top of the ever changing software development world, we spend a fair amount time reading. While reading choice may vary greatly according to your level of experience, interest and niches, we’ve found that some of our favorites are shared among us. Although we focus mostly on development in JavaScript, Angular 2, TypeScript, MongoDB and Nodejs, we also try to be pretty well rounded in the development world.

With the hundreds of blogs out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin. So today, we share Tyler’s top favorites. Tyler is one of our top architects and responsible for building large components of our clients’ enterprise systems as well as Cycligent Cloud and Cycligent Git Tool. Without further ado, here are his favorites:

Programming in the 21st Century — http://prog21.dadgum.com/

Written by James Hague, Programming in the twenty-first century blog focuses on sensible programming techniques and ideas with guides to implementation.

Algorithmic Assertions — Craig Gidney’s Computer Science Blog –http://algorithmicassertions.com

Programming and computer science discussions at a level that will often stretch your brain.

JetBrains WebStorm Blog | Tips & tricks, news, how-to’s — https://blog.jetbrains.com/webstorm

We are huge WebStorm users at Improvement Interactive, this blog we find especially convenient for when new products are released or just for ideas.

GitHub Engineering — http://githubengineering.com/

Fascinating discussions and insights on what it takes to run an application as popular as GitHub.

Planet Emacsen — http://planet.emacsen.org/

Stay up to date on new emacs-related open source projects and updates from around the web in one easy place.

Remy Sharp’s B — https://remysharp.com

Real-life JavaScript developer Remy Sharp keeps us updated on goings-on and reactions to new JavaScript tools.

Changelog — https://changelog.com

All encompassing overview of OpenSource projects in any language or set of tools you use.

Ninjas and Robots — https://ninjasandrobots.com

Another real-life engineer Nathan Kontney and entrepreneur talks about the struggles we face as developers and ideas to make your business great.

Rands In Repose — http://randsinrepose.com

A visually beautiful blog by Rands, VP of Engineering for Slack

Coding Horror — https://blog.codinghorror.com/

An entertaining and thought-provoking blog by Jeff Atwood, Stack Overflow creator, considering interesting programming trends and its application to life.

Kalzumeus Software — http://www.kalzumeus.com

Patrick McKenzie, a developer and small business expert, shares what he’s learned in his experiences in both business and engineering.

Paul Graham: Essays — http://www.paulgraham.com/

Collection of essays by Paul Graham, programmer and investor who started Y Combinator in 2005.

Signal vs. Noise — https://m.signalvnoise.com?source=rss—-668e14b18fb1—4

Strong opinions and shared thoughts on design, business, and tech. By the makers (and friends) of Basecamp.

I hope you enjoyed our collections of favorite reads! We’d love to know yours, please share in the comments or send us a note!

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