The First Meetup

The journey of thousand mile begins with a step.

I can easily relate to the above quote with the story of our first alumni meetup. If I go and look back into memories of college days, I found that we used to keep hearing that we will have alumni meetup but it never happened. Even the rumor was that we will have a separate alumni building in the college and I never saw even the foundation stone till I was there. This suggest that there was no bridge available after college which connects us after leaving the wonderful learning place.

Everyone agrees! 👍

But things got swizzled when the first WhatsApp group was created on 29th March by Arijit Gupta Sir. Within a few days the group strength rose to 198 in Bangalore which led to conversation about how we gonna move forward from here and then a conclusion made to have an informal meetup on 6th May.

Few snapshots of WhatsApp group:

I saw around 50 new faces.

We have an alumni for our first batch. Kind of cool to meet old fellas. BTW, the agenda of the meetup was simple i.e. how can we get started to have better connection and communication with the whole IIIT Allahabad network. We had a good discussion on it along with Chai and Samosa. Ohh! I forgot there were different varieties of frozen yogurts. If you guys missed it, it’s not my fault.

The few snapshots from the meetup.

Start of the meeting, We had a mic for introduction!

As a team we all are thankful to each other for making this possible. Also, I would like to request everyone who is connected with IIIT Allahabad to join this initiative to make Alumni initiative true success. Also, we are looking forward for your advice on how to move ahead and if you have some ideas please write it in the comments.

Also stay tuned to this blog for more updates.

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