24 years, 11 months.

I unfortunately had to be reminded today that I turn 25 in about a month or so. That reminder had to come from my cousin who just left to Dalhousie — a girl I remember seeing in the hospital minutes after she was born, which then got me to thinking “where did the past 17 years just go?” Which then turned into thinking about the last couple years, the struggles that I’ve had to endure, and to bright future that I hope lay ahead.

At 24 years and 11 months I’ve got a master’s degree under my belt, an amazing job in investment banking, a terrific family that supports me in whatever I do, and friends that I can always lean on for advice and laughs. But, the coolest thing that I get to do right now is lead a group of 20 or so young people at the church. Growing up the son of a preacher has had its ups and downs, but nevertheless, this expereince has been the most rewarding. The job has its challenges — personally, you put yourself out there. Vulnerable to a bad reception, praying that your message gets out to one person who’s willing to listen, and attempting to speak as eloquently as the current senior pastor who so easily can attain the attention of an entire congregation within milli-seconds.

God is doing something amazing in my life. Not being prophetic or anything along those lines; it just amazes me that he can take somebody who had absolutely no interest, want, or desire to stand behind the lectern, and to put him at the charge of the next generation of young church kids. We all have a story and testimony to tell, and we all have our own roads to take. What’s important to remember is our will will be done on God’s time. Being the worryier that I am, I find myself thinking about worst-case scenarios, in both professional and personal expereinces. But, sometimes I need a good kick-in-the-butt; a reminder that teaches me no matter the hurdle to jump, or mountain to climb, if I lean on on the comfort that is Jesus, I will get through it. In the past three years I’ve had to jump thousands of hurdles, and climb mountains that never seemed to end. I had horrible days, and tons of sleepless nights. But, it’s when I gave up all the worry, and prayed to Christ, asking for some peace in my life, that everything turned around for the better, instantly.

We all have the urge to do something amazing — to live a life of purpose, to make an impact, to leave a carbon footprint in the world. But sometimes we easily give up cause’ the road we’re on is simply too rocky. Remind yourself, “my life is a puzzle, and every situation I go through, thats a puzzle piece.” When you come to that point of your life where you can truly say “I’ve made it” I encourage you to look back at your life. Look at the completed puzzle of your life; it’s a beautiful masterpiece because it shows your successes and your failures. There are puzzle pieces that shows your achievements, and other pieces which shows the mountains that you climbed, and the hurdles that you jumped; without those puzzle pieces, the piece itself just wouldn’t be complete. I look forward to every challenge because God wouldn’t allow that challenge to be in my life if He didn’t think I could go through it.

It isn’t always easy, but everyday is beautiful. I’m certainly looking forward to hitting the big 2–5, and I hope I can FINALLY take a vacation in the upcoming year. But, I’m praying that 25 be as blessed as 24 was. Thank you to every young person that keeps me going; you motivate me to serve, and I am who I am because of your prayers and your love.


“We Must Praise” — J. Moss

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